We seem to have lost a certain art: the art of writing. Little notes, cards sent via mail, thank you’s (no they are not just for weddings). We seem to believe we have become too busy to send people notes. It amazes me time and again that when I send a card to a friend or relative, they are more impressed by receiving the physical piece of piece than for the reason I wrote it! Granted, we all have busy lives and it is hard to always be thinking of sending a note. But what a way to make someone’s day or say thank you with a lasting impression!

Now, I am not going to encourage anyone to go into debt just to purchase stationery. But the simple truth of the matter is that better stationery does make a noticeable difference when opening a card. Personally, I keep a drawer in my office stocked with note cards and stationary ready to use at any given moment.

I have found some great companies that offer boutique-style options for every budget and style:

Austin Press


Austin Press (austinpress.com) has an assortment of unique and refreshing card choices. I recently stumbled upon their products and was instantly engorged. Their designs are one-of-a-kind and make an instantaneous and lasting impression. Much of today’s stationery is over-designed and just plain annoying to view. Austin Press offers modern vintage looks that no one can regret buying. I have to admit its hard for me to throw away their cards if I receive them as the quality and craftsmanship are just too superb!

Linda & Harriet


Giving a one-of-a-kind, hard-to-find note to that special recipient sets you apart from the convential crowd. To accomplish this, try the designs of Linda & Harriet (lindaandharriet.com). From amazing letterpress calendars to perfect cards, their products have the unique stamp of creative inspiration that is impossible to find these days.

Bella Figura


Cards, notes and stationery may be weekly necessities of mine, but invitations are reserved for special occasions. Bella Figura (bellafigura.com) offers the type of invitations that guests will not only be impressed with but excited to receive. Bella Figura uses old-time practices to make their cards so each one is perfected to the utmost quality and uniqueness.

By this point, you should be inspired to send a note to that friend. Say hello. Say thank you. Encourage and uplift. Inspire and let them know you are thinking of them. After all, we are all on a journey to find our own peace in this world, I hope this helps you along the way.

Happy writing.