Mirror Mirror

Is it weird? Is it unique? Have I ever seen one before? Is it cheap?

If you are at a yard sale, auction, flea market or shop and see a piece that gives you a YES to any of the above questions, I count that as a score! Recently on a short jaunt, I stopped at a shop and found myself staring at me through this amazing and quirky King Tut Mirror. (The reflection was stunning, of course.) I have never seen such a strange beauty! The gilt is perfect with just a slight patina; the mirror is small enough to set somewhere and has little hooks to hang it with an amazing cord!

All in all, this is definitely a Saturday score. Sometimes all it takes to pull a room together is a piece that you would never choose, something that adds an element of surprise and takes you away from your normal decor. Go out and find yours today, and enjoy that cup of coffee you are craving!

Happing Saturday!