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When visiting a new place or on a vacation, what is the first things many of us do? Take too many pictures of things we are never going to remember. We take scenery pictures, landscape pictures, goofy pictures, and odd pictures, but then we do nothing with them. Many times, out of the hundreds we took, none seem right to do anything with! Ten years down the road, most pictures will end up deleted or forgotten about in a computer file. What is the point of that?

We all love the idea of capturing a moment or place from our vacation and remembering it for a lifetime through a picture. But so many odd pictures in various frames throughout the home just look like clutter and collect dust.

While on a recent trip overseas (which of course involved looking at gorgeous, centuries-old ruins), I began taking the normal pictures of ruins that were scattered across the countryside. Then, an epiphany struck! I fell in love with the architecture and the detail the ruins have and started taking close up shot of the details: cornices, doors, urns, and carvings. I immediately knew that when I arrived home, I could blow up the pictures and frame them. I wanted to preserve the trip I took with pictures that could almost pass as store-bought art. In this way, I could achieve a look in my home that I was proud of while keeping the memory of my vacation alive during my daily life.

Disclaimer: I am by no means a professional photographer, nor would I ever try to make such a claim. I think we have all had the thought on a vacation of wishing someone else could just take the pictures for us. While I do not have photography training, I do think that when you zoom in on a piece (architecture for me), you are able to have a picture with a better framed impact. For my pictures, I focused on the detail of the intricate design work.

Once home, the rest was easy. I went to Target and bought frames with mats already cut. I chose black frames with white mats to keep things simple and give an overall clean appearance. All that was left to do was take the SD card from my camera to a photo kiosk and print to size the images I wanted! Once again, I chose black and white photographs because, once in frames, it creates cohesion with the other pictures and gives the overall look a finished gallery effect. I am a love of symmetry, so I made a simple grid with these frames.

Tip: Have fun trying out different layouts and different sizes of frames to create your own unique group.

We will all still take too many pictures that we will never use. But using my tips above, we can take pictures that will leave people asking where you got such beautiful photography. In addition, since the price is so affordable, you can change these pictures to match the memories you want to see.

Happy snapping!