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If you are anything like us, every time a new season or holiday comes you have a list of things you want to make sure you actually do this year! Have a party, invite company more often, seasonal decorating, and spend more time with friends and family (just to name a few!). We hope you do have all of these items on your list for the upcoming seasons and we hope to help you achieve all of them. But it is also important to remember those small little touches we can do that help create a wonderful and comfortable season. Decorating for the season does not have to always be done with obvious items. Instead, try using seasonal foods and snacks to freshen your home!

As simple as it sounds, we make sure to have different items sitting around the house for guests to snack on (and yes, you can eat some too). As an added benefit, the colors of Fall candies look great as décor! We love a simple Fall mix of Branch’s Candy Corn (Original, Caramel, and Chocolate & Pumpkins), Fall Peanut M&M’s (or any M&M), and honey roasted peanuts. You are correct – this is nothing special, but as soon as we see this in the stores we have to put it together! When you think of these things early on in the season you will be able to enjoy them for an extended time and will not feel rushed later on.

Enjoying different snacks also provides you with a reason to use those wonderful glass compotes and bowls you have stashed away. Just think how wonderful the oranges, browns, greens, and reds will look sitting around your house.

As a collector of compotes, we are quick to fill them with the Fall mix and set them out, ready for whoever stops by. Look at what you have stashed away: jars or vases (anything will work).  If you do not feel like making a custom mix, buy a bag of peanut butter chews wrapped in wonderful orange and black paper.

We filled up an old trophy with the candies, making it accessible to guests. Leaving candy out in the open will ensure that guests feel welcome to steal a few pieces while visiting. On the other hand, sometimes it is better to put candy and other treats in holders with a lid so it is not as easy to reach in and snack all the time for those of us living with the candy!

Expert Tip: Closed containers adds a touch of class while preserving the candies.

Take the time for the upcoming seasons to add special touches around your home. Sometimes it is the little things in life that add so much quality and give you a sense of happiness. A Fall mix will not solve many problems, but will remind us to see the simple beauty in small touches!

Happy mixing