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Design is different for everyone. Much like art, we each interpret what we read and see in different ways. Consequentially, we apply it to our individual lives in different ways. To us, this is an exciting part of décor and hope that by putting our own ideas on the table, each of you can (hopefully!) apply these thoughts in your own creative endeavors! We strive to bring you fresh and timeless ideas that will inspire and give beauty to you and your guests.

The market is flooded with too many décor goods, too many options, and too many items that, after a single season, will be tired and have no future use. To counteract this dilemma, we try to find items that will be able to grow with your home, inside and out. Every so often we will bring you items we feel are a Timeless Investment: an item that has endless uses and does not age!

We Yearn for a Good Urn

You may notice in many of our pictures, we utilize quite a few urns in our projects. Whether centerpieces or simply a placeholder for a magnificent display, urns give any look a clean and elegant feel. When you stop and think about it, urns truly are one of the great timeless pieces of our lives. The ancient Romans crafted beautiful urns that can now be viewed in museums. Throughout the ages, urns have been placed prominently in the home or gloriously in the garden, elevating flowers and creating focal points.

So Many Shapes, Sizes, and Substances

There are so many material options when looking at urns: antique cast iron, vintage concrete, and new fiberglass (just to name a few). Any one will work wonderfully.

A tall urn can create a focal point in a spot you’ve never known how to fill.

A large urn can create a “wow” effect outside on a porch or in the yard.

On the other hand, a small urn can provide the perfect home for seasonal displays on a table or island.

May We Suggest…

If you have not yet made the investment in an urn, try starting your collection with the color black. A black urn will ensure that your urn will provide the perfect complement to any décor and stand up to nicks or dings that may occur.

If you are not sure where to start shopping, we’d like to suggest the Smith & Hawken Fluted Urn from Target. While not sold in stores, this product has a timeless design, is the perfect size, and is made of a high quality FiberStone.

If you feel a bit more adventurous, try this larger urn. Available in both black and bronze, the Tusco Products Urn comes in two sizes and is available through Amazon. In addition, the item is available for Free Super Saver Shipping, making the weight a non-issue.

An Urn for Each Season

We use urns in every season. Some we plant with flowers in the spring and then empty to use indoors when the temperatures drop. Simply throw sticks in an urn and use it year round by adding little seasonal touches that you can easily change. Urns can change and grow with the seasons. Stack pumpkins during the fall. Create a unique base for your Christmas tree (which we’re sure none of your neighbors will have). Or place fresh spring flowers amongst the sticks and situate by your open front door to catch those spring breezes.

However you chose to use an urn, be sure that it will be a timeless investment that you will never regret!

Happy Investing!