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I think we can all agree that putting the same wreath up each year in the exact same spot gets boring – not only for us, but also for anyone who may notice. Due to costs, it is not feasible to purchase a new wreath every year to festoon our doorways. Well, we are here to help! Mother Nature gives us so many opportunities during the fall season for low cost (mostly free!) organic items that we can use to create boutique-quality arrangements. Many times people do not stop and take time to look around their yards to see how nature can be used in different ways; this is something we are constantly looking for.

RECYCLING: it’s no longer just for plastic

You have many options for how to start a fall door arrangement. Many times we like to recycle a tired, previously-used wreath (if you have one to spare).

Start with a blank slate by stripping the wreath of all its old contents. Now is the fun part! Depending on what type of wreath you have (grape wine, curly willow, twig), you will want to find different items.

We are using a whimsical twig wreath. To start, we found some great leaves from the yard that are changing color and placed them throughout the wreath. The leaves will not stay this color for the entire season, but the great thing about free is that you can switch them at often as you like. The great thing about using a stick or grapevine wreath is that the gaps in between the sticks are perfect places to hold the items that you choose to decorate with while keeping them secure!

To finish the re-purposing of the wreath, all you need is a great ribbon to function as a bow or hanger. During fall, we love to use burlap ribbon. It’s rustic and refined which gives a perfect, finished quality. This is all you need to finish a beautiful wreath!

Designer Tip: Save on Crafts is a great place to find ribbons. Try these choices of burlap ribbons for your own wreath.

What if You Don’t Have a Wreath?

Do not worry! There are other ways to create an impact! When we do not have a wreath handy, we go more rustic and create a simple hanging arrangement.

If you live close to a cornfield, a quick and easy base is a healthy-sized bunch of corn leaves. The colors are perfect for fall and the look is timeless.

To dress up these corn leaves, we purchased a small bundle of bittersweet at a local shop for $8.00 (you may be able to find some in the wild).

By bunching all of these items together and securing them with some burlap ribbon, we have created a beautiful door arrangement at a minimal cost! If you do not have a corn field close by, just group together some small sticks and twigs from your own yard. Fall gives us a generous amount of leeway in decorating with a more natural appeal.

Happy Festooning!