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…Well, don’t forget it completely. Being a host or hostess is a chance to shine bright and make all your guests feel comfortable and relaxed. But alas, it seems we have forgotten the art of being a guest with the best! What happened to giving a host a simple thank you gift? To always making sure we have something in our hand when going to someone’s home? Of course we all have those close friends that neither require nor expect a gift when paying a visit. Yet sometimes, it is simply nice to have something to hand the host when the door is opened. Gone are the days of giving trinkets that promptly find their way into the waste can (trust us, we have all been there!). Fall gives us the perfect opportunity for simple, low-cost gifts.

The Elusive “Perfect” Gift

Often times, when a gift is needed for an occasion, we over-analyze, trying to find the perfect gift, only to exhaust ourselves and end up feeling that gifts are too much work. Stop over thinking! This time of year, every grocery store, farmers market, roadside stand, or favorite shop has the PERFECT items for you to gift. From mums to gourds and unique pumpkins, you don’t have to go far to purchase a gift.

Gifts Aren’t Just for Parties

Maybe you don’t need a hostess gift, but have a friend or relative that is in your thoughts. Buy them a perfect fall memento to make sure they know you are thinking of them. (Trust us, they’ll get some warm fuzzies!) We so often don’t take time in life to the small things, like a little gift for someone special. Life passes by way too fast! It does not always feel like that in the moment, but does after the fact. This is why it is important to create moments whenever you can!

Any Occasion Deserves a Gift

Whether it’s to simply say hello or thank a gracious host, try buying a small mum or harvested fall item and give it a personal touch. A ribbon (burlap in particular) will add a warm, personal touch. You will have created a gift that will not only leave an impression in the moment but will create a memory for the entire season. If plants and gourds are not your pleasure, try a gallon of a local apple cider and a pack of mulling spices.

Expert Tip: Aspen Spices is our favorite place to buy seasonings for ciders, wines and even eggnog.

So go out and scour your local community! Find the perfect fall gift for someone special. Enjoy the season by giving the joy of Fall to others around you!

Happy Giving!