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Yes, we admit that we have a fetish for seasonal decorating, but we think you will too! New seasons bring us so many new and exciting opportunities to use bright colors and nature to help give us that warm, cozy feeling for which we yearn. Our interiors are not the only canvas we have to transition with leaves and pumpkins and gourds. Why not invest just as much energy into creating a fun and season-filled display on your porch and doorways? Just as our flowers are drying up or freezing off, we start getting the itch to pitch all the summer foliage for fresh fall bounty. There are many options for setting a seasonal display with items you may have on hand (or can procure quite quickly)!

To start the flow of creativity, it is best to start with a blank slate. Clear all unused flower pots and plants off the premises and start fresh. Next, compile a list of what you have available to use. (Check out our previous blog post titled “A Timeless Investment” which details how urns would be a perfect starter in this instance.) Think of natural elements to use: we personally love curly willow branches for their whimsical and natural sculptural aspect.

Since we grew our own pumpkins and gourds this year, we have plenty to use in our outdoor spaces. For a lower cost option, find your own local pumpkin patch and select a fun variety of pumpkins with differing shapes and sizes. Remember that height and elevation can be just as important on outside displays as inside. Find (or buy) some great planters that you are done with for the year that will be terrific slates for an impeccable showpiece.

What Materials Should You Look For?

  • Light – Look for large candle holders or hurricanes to house your fall decor
  • Glass and steel – Think outside the box with oversized glass vases or galvanized items
  • Burlap – We are using the same burlap ribbon we have left over from previous projects (see “Low Cost, High Impact“)

Usually, we shy away from kitschy seasonal goods. But we scored some interesting black ravens that could not be passed up. They will have just the right amount of Halloween we need without being too much!

Expert Tip: Before putting this all together, make sure to give everything a good cleaning, including the porch furniture and pillows. No guest wants to be welcomed with dust and dirt.

Now is the fun part: start creating your fall scene. We used these amazing vintage street lamp tops as candle holders for the center of our porch tables, flanking them with pumpkins. To keeps things consistent across the entire space, we made both our porch tables match.

Expert Tip: When you have a large centerpiece impact (like our street lamps), you do not need too much to go with it. You do not want to overpower.

For a side table, we went for a fun look with a large urn of curly willow and ravens resting throughout. The look is large enough to see from a distance but not too heavy that it overpowers. Next, all that was left was to adorn the space with pumpkins in a few strategic places.

As you remember from our post “Inside Out,” we have a wonderful mirror on this porch. Just like we would do inside, we hung a wreath on it. Try hanging the ribbon higher to draw an onlooker’s eye up, giving a greater impact.

You may not have the same items we do, but you will be surprised what DO you have that you can use for perfect fall creations. Use galvanized buckets as vases for branches or candles. Empty out your terra cotta pots and use as elevators for a grand pumpkin. The important thing is to try different things and find out what you like! Try having some fun at the same time too!

Happy Displaying!