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I think we all have to admit, there is something special about the colors of fall. The browns, oranges, unique greens, yellows, and crimsons exude a feeling that is unlike any other time of the year. We use many different ways to enjoy the seasonal colors: bring branches with changing leaves inside and planting fun mums bursting with color outside (just to name a few). But our favorite way to display the colors of fall is with a gorgeous flower arrangement to greet us each time we enter the room. Flower arranging seems to scare many. People seem to feel inadequate or lost on how to begin an arrangement. We do not want any of you to feel a fall floral arrangement is impossible to start or too hard to complete. Any and all of us can create an arrangement to remember!

The most important first step in flower arranging is to choose the spot you want to display your creation. The spot you choose will help you decide what vessel will house the flowers. After deciding to make an arrangement, we needed an occasion to feature this bountiful bouquet. What better way to display a flowering fall centerpiece than with a Fall Harvest Dinner Party (tune in for more on that later). Since this arrangement will be the center of a meal, we are choosing the dining room table as center stage. If you aren’t having a party, choose a location that you will enjoy seeing the flowers (and often!). Your bedside table or bathroom vanity may be the place where you will most enjoy. After you decide on the location, find a vessel that compliments the fall feel. We chose a great silver champagne ice bucket that is starting to tarnish. It has a great architectural feel and the tarnish tones down the somewhat preppy silver.

We wanted this arrangement to incorporate some of the leftover annuals from our flowerbeds. We scoured and found some great ornamental kale and King Tut grass. It was time to clear the beds, so we were able to salvage these gems.

The only items we purchased for this arrangement were a few seasonal mums:

We started by placing the airy King Tut grass in the champagne bucket, then added the kale, breaking off enough leaves to create a long stem. The bucket seems full with the kale, but do not be tempted to stop there! The fuller and more compact an arrangement, the more professional it will appear. Next, we took apart the mums we purchased, making sure to remove all leaves.

Expert Tip: A major mistake that some novice flower arrangers make is to leave leaves on the stems of the flowers. This mistake tends to give the arrangement an amateur appearance.

We love the look of clumping the mums around the arrangement. Make sure to keep in bunches of the same variety together.

The completed creation could not have turned out better! The King Tut grass adds a whimsical air and the colors give a perfect, fresh feel.

The most important thing to remember is to not be worried. Honestly, as long as you have enough flowers to fill all the gaps and make the arrangement look full, it is difficult to fail!

So go out, buy a few reasonable fall flowers, pick some leftovers from your own flower beds, and get cracking.

Happy Arranging!