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Media outlets and advertisers bombard us daily with the concept of luxury. We are told we need it, we are told we deserve it, and we are usually told it is expensive but worth every penny. If wealthy individuals and celebrities have a certain luxury, we are told we also need to strive to attain it.

At The Gray Boxwood, we see luxury differently. Each of us has our own idea of what luxury is, and many times it can be as simple as having a few free hours during a day. A luxury is anything that a person finds added enjoyment in and is not done on a daily basis (well, sometimes). We also like to think luxuries give us a break from the daily grind and a little relaxation.

We cannot give you added time, but we have compiled a list of items and indulgences we find simple luxuries in. They are low cost, simple, and bring us oh-so-much enjoyment. Check out our top five luxuries below:

1. Starbucks

For us, this luxury is running out to purchase our favorite Skinny Vanilla Latte (or the delicious drink of your choice). While coffee isn’t the hardest thing to make in the kitchen, having a barista prep a perfect cup of joe is a nice treat. An extra added bonus is when the holiday cups debut (speaking of which, Thursday November 1 is the official day for holiday cups)!

If you have a smartphone, make sure to use the Starbucks app.

How it works: You make an account, load money onto your account, and every 12 drinks you receive a free drink of your choice! As an added bonus, Starbucks gifts you a free drink on your birthday. The Starbucks app is available in the App Store and Google Play.

Check out Starbucks here!

2. Candles

With today’s modern electrical amenities, candles are items we use far too seldom. When used, we make them seem like such a special occasion (such as a romantic evening or a thunderstorm). Break this trend and use them every day! Candles add a certain luxurious glow that cannot be matched.

We are head-over-heels for this CB2 Labra Holds 5 candleholder with its elegant style that is made modern with a clear, trendy glass setting.

Candles enhance the season or mood you are feeling. In the fall, who can resist a wonderful autumn candle? We love soy candles because they burn much more efficiently and are environmentally-friendly. Try a fall-inspired candle from a wonderful Etsy shop, such as this pumpkin scent from ViVO SpaBoutique. Enjoy the smells of the season and help a small business out!

3. Magazines

Yes this may be an odd one, but magazine subscriptions are getting quite cheap! Granted, single editions sold on store newsstands are still expensive. But year-long subscriptions delivered to your home are a steal that will make you feel like you are getting away with robbery!

Our personal favorite magazine subscription is Elle Decor. For an entire year, the total cost is only $12. The editor of this magazine never fails to deliver ingenious decorating tips and stunning pictures! Sign up for your yearly subscription here. And make sure to follow Elle Decor on twitter: @ElleDecor

Or try the This Old House magazine.
For a yearly $16, this periodical has amazing tips for any homeowner wanting to try various do-it-yourself projects. Subscribe here.

A final favorite of ours is Martha Stewart Living. A staple for year-round decorating and cooking ideas, the magazine shows that America’s Homemaking Queen puts her money where her mouth is. Sign up for a 12-issue yearly subscription for $24 here. Follow Martha Stewart on Twitter: @MarthaStewart

Magazines are a chance to sit down and enjoy something you want to do, They inspire and get our creative juices flowing. Plus, they are much more fun to read on actual paper instead of on your tablet.

Trust us, there is a magazine subscription out there for everyone! Start your browsing here.

4. Boutique Coffee

If you talk to a true coffee connoisseur, they will tell you that flavored coffee is not “good” or “true” coffee. We wholeheartedly disagree and have some of our favorite flavors:

We crave Butterscotch Toffee flavored coffee for a sweet, butter and vanilla flavor. Or indulge in Jamaican Me Crazy, a blend of vanilla, caramel, and Jamaican rum flavors.

Personally, we choose flavored coffee every day, but maybe for you it will be a once-in-a-while indulgence. Try a different flavor with your favorite magazine for a little down-time today!

5. Scarves

Nothing keeps you warm and stylish like a great scarf. As scarves become increasingly in vogue, many retailers offer a variety of options. If you ask us, the bigger the better.

Right now we love what H & M has to offer for men and women. Quite simply, great style and affordable pricing.

A scarf can dress up any outfit, and with low prices, you are able to add some in-the-moment trendiness without breaking the bank!

Luxuries give us a little “vacation” during the day: a time to enjoy something just for you. Take a moment to indulge yourself in something you deserve. It does not need to be expensive or outrageous, just something to give you a cozy and serene warmth.

-Relax, Refresh, and Be Inspired!