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Fall is glorious, crisp, cool, cozy, hearty, and full of color. It gives us a wonderful and much needed seasonal change, with amazing new reasons to decorate. All season long, we have been showing you simple and easy ways to use what nature gives us as seasonal décor: using leaves from your yard as interior accessories, impeccable fall flower arrangements, creative ways to decorate with pumpkin and gourds, and warm soups and hearty comfort meals. We are so thankful many of you have tried our ideas and hope you have enjoyed getting creative!

Today, we bring you one last post on the topic of fall décor: ideas for your Thanksgiving Day guests to enjoy. Please note, these will be the last pictures of fall you will see before we start going wild on Christmas glamour. (We admit, we are head-over-heels obsessed with Christmas and cannot wait to show you ideas for your own homes!)

But before we get too carried away, let’s focus on one last burst of fall creativity.

This season, we have tried to express that fall décor (or seasonal décor in general) does not have to be over-the-top to make an impact. Many times it is the most simple of gestures that will capture an onlooker’s attention and give them the fall bug.


For this buffet, simple rustic lamp shades do all the work. With a burlap texture, they evoke the country-inspired fall style of which we all dream. At first, the homeowner was concerned with the scale of the lamps in proportion to the buffet. But we convinced them into giving them a chance. Consequently, they are as in love with the lamps as we are. Even if you are worried about scale, try it out.

Expert Tip: At times, adding oversized elements gives better balance to a room.

Most times, we do not employ phrase signs in our decorating. That said, there is something profoundly special about this “Give Thanks” sign that will put any viewer in the Thanksgiving mood.

Dining Table

Wooden bowls and fall seem to go hand-in-hand seamlessly. All this dining table lacked was a few wooden bowls and one pumpkin flanked with amazing brown hurricanes. For this client’s home, the table is usually folded down in the center of the room (as a drop-leaf table). This centerpiece works with the table down and also complements the length of the table when extended for guests. Being able to use your seasonal décor in multiple ways is the best; you should aim to decorate in a manner that flows easily with your changing life.

Name Tags

To recycle some of your earlier fall decorations, use extra miniature pumpkins and gourds as name tags for your Thanksgiving festivities.

To accomplish this, all you need is thick cardstock paper and a knife. Cut a slice in the gourd/pumpkin, slide the small name tag into the slice, and set by a plate. Trust us, guests will be pleasantly surprised by this small detail when sitting down for the Thanksgiving feast.

Fireplace Mantle

Sometimes, a few changes to your normal décor will make all the difference. With this mantel, the only piece we added was a vintage metal oiler with white miniature pumpkins lining the top. Summarized in three words: Instant Fall Appeal!

Decorating for a season should never be stressful. Keep it simple and work the decorations into what you already have. Nestling a pumpkin here and a gourd there will create a lived-in seasonal décor that looks natural. Enjoy the last crisp days of fall before the howling winds of winter set in. But do not worry, we will soon bring you many warm ideas for your Christmas season!

-Happy Last Days of Fall!