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Christmas. Just the word brings each one of us back to a special memory: growing up and remembering all the excitement, family get togethers, warm homes, kitchens full of baked goods, snowmen, and angels.  Christmas gives each of us a different, yet perfect feeling of everything being right in the world (at least for a short time). On this one day of the year, the world seems at peace. There is no other season where one can be so over-the-top with glitter or so understated with simplistic décor and both be equally as festive.

Our Hopes for the Season

We at The Gray Boxwood love all types of Christmas décor. We are avid collectors of vintage Christmas masterpieces and fervent believers in the newest and most unique sparklers for the tree.

This season, we hope to bring you glorious ideas that not only accentuate your home, but also encourage your family to sit back and enjoy the season. With inspiration for your doorstep to new ideas of how to hang your favorite wreaths, we are brimming with the joy and love of the season. We have even whipped up a special surprise for you all coming over Thanksgiving weekend! (Make sure to check back – it’s pretty exciting!)

Tailor Your Season

Today, we want to express how Christmas, while the largest marketed holiday, is best kept when fitted perfectly for you. We admit that we may decorate our homes a touch excessively, but hope only to inspire you to pick and choose what works for you and your home.

Remember: Christmas décor can be as easy as cutting a few evergreen branches for your tablescape to finding a tree worthy of Rockefeller Center.

Vintage Christmas

There is nothing quite like vintage Christmas décor. It has stood the test of time and experienced more beautiful Christmases than we ever could dream. The ornaments may get tarnished and the bottle brush trees may fade, but this only makes them appear more festive each year. We collect anything and everything that is vintage Christmas and cannot wait to display it year after year.

The patina vintage items have give instant appeal (made obvious by the variety of reproductions stores now carry), and we find new and creative ways to use them. Here we took some twigs from a yard and fitted them into an antique urn surrounded by burlap, giving the perfect hanger for small ornaments of various colors. With a mirror as the backdrop, this display seems to go on forever.

Expert Tip: A Christmas tree does not always need to be green and full of needles.

Bottle Brush Collection

The sideboard the patina display sits on was a great spot to house our bottlebrush tree collection. Like most of our collections (see our post on Collective Art), our bottlebrush tree display seems to grow every year. As we have mentioned in the past, bunching a collection in one area gives a greater impact.

In our display, we used trees of varying heights and looks to give the entire scene a staggered, yet cohesive appearance. This entire display is created with recycled items that many of us could find in our Grandma’s closets and yard. (Environmentally-friendly AND cost-sensitive!)

Christmas décor does not have to be new and perfect to give appeal. Sometimes tried and true pieces tell a better story and create wonderful heirlooms to pass down for generations to enjoy.

-It’s NEVER too early to say – Happy Christmas!