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With our Christmas tree how-to video fresh off the press, we hope you are inspired and encouraged to put up your own tree! Hopefully you have a tree you love which fits your home and personality. Maybe, each year you, your children, or grandchildren add something special. Or possibly, many years ago you put a tree together and haven’t changed a thing since. Whatever your method, we love to think of the incredible creations all of you may have in your homes.

Trees and lights add such warmth and comfort for the season. At The Gray Boxwood, we put up many differently-themed trees for clients that we feel are perfect for the surroundings. Below, we have curated a selection of our Christmas tree designs in the hopes that you may achieve inspiration for your own home.

A White Wonder

When sparkle and theme are used correctly, almost any color combination can be festive. Here a vintage white tree what the idea that started the creative juices. The homeowner rescued this vintage tree from a dumpster, knowing that we would be able to find the perfect items to decorate it for the season. For a modern take on Christmas, we chose black, white, silver, and turquoise (just for an extra pop and some added color).

We like to think a tree is never “done.” Every year, we step back, take an assessment of the tree, and decide what can be changed or added.

Always remember, a tree can evolve through time with different touches and items. As humans, we’re constantly changing and our decorations are certain to change as well.

The Traditional Red and Green

For a unique and modern take on the traditional red and green color palette so widely used on most trees, we chose extra-bright colors for this home. The owner did not want the mundane red and green, so we chose unique ornaments that expressed the owners’ one-of-a-kind personality. In decorating your own tree, remember to look for ornaments that are out of the ordinary; you do not need the normal round balls. We found bright green wreaths and one-of-a-kind ornaments to give this tree traditional inspiration with a fresh twist.

Nature-Inspired Tree

Many people want a relaxed and comfortable tree with natural colors and elements (much like the one we put together in our video). This tree has many of the same ideas: amber, brown, gold, orange, and even some incredible birds. Personally, we prefer a tree to be full of great objects that dazzle an onlooker’s eye and keep them amazed by the assortment of different pieces. For a unique twist, we found a garland composed of woven grapevine and orange leaves and spread this throughout the tree.

A Christmas tree should never be cookie cutter. In all reality, nothing should be! Try to think of new and exciting elements to add to your design that will set your tree apart. Use nature! Even spray-painted sticks can be the perfect touch that adds something unique. Lately, we have heard too many people say, “I don’t think I will even put up a tree this year. It’s just too much work.” While it does take time, the result will give you a Christmas spirit unlike any other. Trees add a glow to your home that will seem to warm the heart of any guest.

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