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We cannot stress enough the impact fresh flowers have on a home. No matter where or when, having an arrangement sets a special mood and gives a detailed touch that no one will forget. Flowers are especially eye catching when you can add seasonal flair, as we showed you with our Fall Floral post. Many people seem to be under the allusion that amazing floral arrangement should be left only to the professionals. Therefore, many people do not want to spend the money or the time working on such a feat. This Christmas, we are here to help you see that YOU can (and will!) create the most beautiful and classic Christmas décor.

Let’s delve right in with a wonderful Christmas floral arrangement, perfectly suited for a Christmas party or as a gift to someone special.

Choose the Vessel

Antique wheel oilerTo start, it is so important to pick a vessel that fits the space. We’ve previously stressed the importance of the vessel, but want to continue to reiterate this point (hopefully we do not sound like a broken record). We chose one that can be used in the center of our table. An antique wheel oiler, it is long and narrow, giving us a great shape for our arrangement. Its also a shape that is somewhat different and unusual (two things we always look for!).

Expert Tip: A vase is not the only vessel that can hold a floral arrangement; the arrangement can be housed in anything what will hold water.

Find something unique that fits your décor and adds a subtle amount of interest. If you have a long table, choose a vessel that is similar in shape to our example. In contrast, if you have a round table, select a tall urn. The rounded shape of an urn will work seamlessly with the shape of a round table and will help to draw the eye upward.

Find it Right Outside Your Door

HollyFor a professional floral arrangement, you do not need to purchase everything you want to use. Your yard contains many items that are usually expensive fillers.

For Christmas arrangements, we cut a handful of winter berries, holly, and evergreen (our yard has many of the arborvitae type). If your yard does not contain the items you are looking for, check with a friend. Being in the spirit of giving, they are sure to “lend” you some of their outdoor foliage.

RoseWhen making an arrangement, we find that it is the fillers that can really add up. While it may seem faster to simply purchase everything you need at your local store, first see what you can get for free. Since we have no rose bushes, we purchased two dozen red roses at Costco for $16.99 – what a deal!

The rest of our accouterments were free.

Prep the Vessel

It is important to prep your arrangement’s vessel before putting the entire centerpiece together. Most flowers purchased from a store will come with floral food. Mix the floral food in water and pour into your vessel. Adding water before placing the flowers in your vessel will cut out some of the hassle after the arrangement is complete.

Put It All Together

Always, always, always start with the perimeter of the vessel! Use evergreen to create a “wreath”. Next, fill in the evergreen wreath with a selection of holly and berries.

Expert Tip: Start with all the “cheap” extras before moving onto your flowers. Placing more of the inexpensive (or free) items will ensure that you do not need as many of your higher-priced flowers.

After the holly and berries, trim the roses by ridding the stems of all leaves.

Stripped rose

Personally, we like to place the roses throughout the arrangement in small bunches. If we were to space them all evenly, it could start to look like a funeral spray (which is not what we want!).

Finished ProductThe end product is simply gorgeous and only took minutes to complete. While we chose a red theme, this arrangement can be created in any color you want: whites, greens, the options are endless! The important part is to realize that you can create an arrangement that impresses!

-Enjoy the colors and smells of the season!