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We all know that wonderful moment when the Christmas lights are on, amazing smells waft through the house, the kitchen is extra warm, and cookies, candies, and holiday specialties cool on kitchen racks, await watering mouths. Having just baked our way through the weekend, we cannot wait to share some of our tantalizingly sweet recipes with you!

Every family seems to have special treats that must be made each year. Without these specialties, it just wouldn’t be Christmas! For us, one of the specialties is Pecan Tassies. These delectable morsels are miniature pecan pies with a perfect, flaky crust. As a bonus, they are bite size, so we don’t have to feel guilty eating a couple! Easy to prepare, these Pecan Tassies take a little extra time to assemble, but always catch everyone’s sweet tooth.

For the Pastry

(click images below for instructions)

For the Filling

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Assemble the Tassies

Bite sized tart pans are needed for this recipe. We find these pans to be useful year-round for mini muffins or bite-sized cupcakes. Crate & Barrel offers an inexpensive, nonstick two-dozen pan. Check it out here.

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The recipe will yield 7- to 8-dozen tassies. That may seem like an abudance, but when guests start on these amazing treats, they can’t seem to stop!

Pecan Tassies are such a fun, special, and unique treat to add to your plate of homemade candies. Give them as gifts or have ready as an after-dinner treat for guests!

-Happy Baking!

Pecan Tassies Recipe (click to download PDF)