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Have you heard the rumor? Apparently many of you seem to hate the prospect of wrapping your gifts! Actually, it seems most people leave wrapping until the last minute – maybe even the night before – and then still complain about their gifts looking unattractive. Most times, people grumble about the effort involved in wrapping presents.

We hate the idea that any part of the Christmas season is not fun, so we are bringing you our tried-and-true, simple and classic wrapping suggestions. We try to pick items that are not only festive under our trees and beautiful to gaze upon, but could also be transposed to any time of the year. Just like classic design, classic wrapping is timeless and knows no boundaries. Hopefully these ideas will give you the chance to wrap your presents and enjoy the bounty under your trees for the next week!


There are simply too many choices for wrapping paper on the market. What one buys this year will seem out of style the next. Or your selection may not complement the new colors you add to your tree in subsequent years. Kraft paperWhen this happens, you will be left with three-quarters of a roll and probably opt for throwing it in the garbage. We have all been there – what a waste!

We were fed up! The wrapping paper was too cheap, too thick, or just plain ugly. If you suffer from these same dilemmas, try purchasing Kraft paper. These rolls are in stores year-round, unlike the Christmas selection. Personally, we find this type of paper to be perfect for any and every occasion. Just like neutral paint color on your walls, Kraft paper is easily accessorized for any style and holiday.


TapeThis may be an odd topic, just use Scotch tape right? Well, there is nothing wrong with Scotch tape. It is most certainly needed and comes in handy in many situations. But, if you want to add a little flair to your packages this year, try a selection of patterned tapes that are on the market! Scrapbook.com has an extensive assortment of Christmas-themed adhesives at incredible prices. Craft paper is usually thicker than other kinds of wrapping paper, so scrapbooking tape holds better and looks amazing. What a fun way to add something extra special to your gifts!


We all know of the traditional ribbons and bows for Christmas gifts. They seem to work just fine, but tend to crinkle too easily and do not have any “wow” effect. Gifts under treeInstead of purchasing these traditional items, try using satin or velvet ribbons to make your bows this holiday season. We chose unique colors that, during any other time of the year, may not seem Christmas-esque. But with this client’s tree, the colors look perfectly festive.

Creating the bows is the fun part; there are so many options for extra flourishes and creative touches that will be unique and fun.

This year, try using a cheap paper doily as a backdrop. Or create a bow out of the doily itself! Solo or as part of a group, they seem to add an artsy touch.

If you really want to be creative, take four doilies and fold each one into quarters. Staple together at the points and then “fluff out” and “crinkle down” to create a wonderfully scrumptious bow.

For an even greater festive look, add some real greens to your bows. While only lasting several days, these greens will create an unforgettable impact to the recipient.

Yet another creative way to accessorize your gift is to add several ornaments to the ribbons. Unused ornaments can be used to perfectly adorn any package.

Unused Christmas ornaments

When you use classic paper and handmade ribbons, it makes it so easy to add unique and fun touches!


For some, tags take a backseat. But it is one final touch you must use to impress your gift’s recipient. This year, purchase a selection of amazing Martha Stewart tags at any local craft supply store. They are crisp and white – once again, perfect for any time of year. The cut outs on the tags pop when placed on the craft paper. And in addition to string, use the fun Christmas tape discussed before to adhere the tags to your packages.

We hope you won’t take the fun out of wrapping this year by over thinking and stressing about being perfect. Keep it simple and classic, adding your own unique touches for the season. Presents always look so good under a tree; we almost hate to open them. Your recipients are sure to fall in love with anything you chose.

Let us know in the comments what unique things you do to make your gifts extra special!

-Happy Wrapping!