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Just a few more days till Christmas…can you believe it? If you are anything like us, the time has gone too fast! Each year we seem to have more we want to do before Christmas and every year seems to give less time to do it all! But do not worry – we extend our season well into the New Year (even though the marketers do not).

Today, we bring you one last hurrah of goodies that are truly Christmas staples. You know, those treats you must make every year for it to feel like Christmas. All our treats and candies are given as gifts and used at our parties throughout the season, adorning plates and perched on our tables, looking about as pretty as they are delicious! Check out our version of a wonderfully simple fudge and a scrumptious date and nut pinwheel cookie!

Chocolate Fudge

The important thing to remember with fudge is to plan ahead. Have all ingredients pre-measured because when the fudge is ready to prepare, it is a fast process. Easy access will definitely come in handy!

Expert Tip: Make sure to have your semi-sweet chocolate chips in a bowl ready to use, open the pint jar of marshmallow cream, and have your glass pan buttered.

Peanut Butter Fudge

Date & Nut Pinwheels

These are just a few more of our tried and true family recipes that we know and love. We hope they warm your home and brighten your plate of goodies. Bring a neighbor or loved one a smile with your baked wonders. What a wonderful way to let someone know you’re thinking of them and wishing them a joyous season!

-Happy Baking!