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What a great year!

The year 2012 saw the start of The Gray Boxwood, an initiative to bring classic lifestyle and design ideas to a broad audience. We hope that 2012 was just the beginning to the creation of a new cultivation that helps you achieve timeless living. Since our inception in August, we have shared with you simple and unique thoughts to help you live (and love) the life you lead. We each live in different locations and unique situations. But we believe we can speak for everyone when we issue the sentiment that everyone strives to live a beautiful life. We all desire picture perfect events where friends and family come together to create an amazing “movie moment.” Although its not possible to always have a team of workers composing the perfect look, you can look for inspiration in simple, classic ideas that create a timeless backdrop.

New Year's bellsThe Gray Boxwood’s hope in 2013 is to bring you inspiring ideas and how-to’s to help you throw amazing parties, plant beautiful gardens, cook and bake extraordinary goods, and decorate flawlessly. We hope 2013 is a year of amazing change and new beginnings. Dreams have the ability the propel us to amazing heights when we are willing to take a chance!

Join us for the ride and let us know how you use our ideas. Make sure to let us know what you have done and what inspires you daily. In a world that is becoming more well-connected, it is necessary to be reminded to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasure of throwing a dinner party while basking in the company of friends. Why spend your time and money creating a home you love but never seem to appreciate? Take time to invite friends over and enjoy the evening together.

Let us help you become the gracious host to an inspiring life.

-Happy New Year!