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Time really does seem to speed up around the holidays! With so many parties, family gatherings, shopping, and baking to do, we seem to somehow forget to relax in the amazing beauty of the season. At The Gray Boxwood, we tend to leave the décor up a few extra days after the hustle and bustle of the season ends. This gives us the ability to enjoy the time with the lights and garlands a bit longer.

Disorganized Christmas accessoriesBefore you can possibly enjoy your house again, it’s mandatory to clean up all the Christmas “residue” left from gift-opening and house gatherings. This is the perfect opportunity to take stock and see what can be recycled and reused at a later date. While ironing leftover wrapping paper may be a bit extreme, certain items may come in handy throughout the year. A simple piece of ribbon used at Christmastime may be exactly what you need to hang a wreath during the summer or reuse on another gift at a later date.

The start of a new year is the perfect time to rethink your organization at home. Having organized closets, offices, and work spaces gives you the ability to know where to find those fragments you know you want to keep, but are not sure how to use yet. Oftentimes, we hold onto small items and when the day comes that inspiration hits to use one of these pieces, we completely forget where I placed it. This usually ends in a trip to store to buy a replacement!

In this post, we’ll help you begin organizing your Christmas leftovers. From extra gift tags and ribbons to tapes and markers, we’ll show you how to keep all these items together so they are ready when needed!

Ribbons and Bows

RibbonsBuilding a collection of the perfect ribbons and bows takes time and energy. If people happen to leave them behind after opening a gift or if there is a little leftover, nicely roll them to keep their shape. Place in a convenient location so you know where to find things in a jiffy. Never wad extra pieces and throw them in a box: they will become crinkled and unusable (especially heavier ribbons, such as velvet).

It is best to place the ribbon between two fingers and roll it completely around these fingers.

Do not use pins to hold the ribbon in place or you will see the holes when you use it again! Use tape instead.

Expert Tip: Fold back one end of the tape so it is easy to remove. This easy removal will also prevent you from damaging the ribbon.

Find the Perfect House for your Supplies

Target containerThis amazing plastic organizer was found at Target. It has four pieces that fit together – the perfect Christmas gift accessory station. The container is an essential house for everything you could possibly want when wrapping gifts at any time of the year.

In one compartment, keep extra gift tags and decorative tapes, In another, felt tip pens to use on the tags and other craft projects.

In the last compartment, stash extra gift items for stockings next Christmas or for little “extras” throughout the year. Try to buy gifts ahead of time throughout the year so you are never rushed. Additionally, you never know when you will hit a great sale, so always be thinking ahead!

Having everything in one organized place will help you feel confident and relaxed when you need to wrap gifts or quickly find one when you forgot an occasion. A clean and organized home is a happy and comfortable place to be!

Start Organizing!