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January can be a long month. Usually it is gray and cold and after the excitement of the holidays, there is not much to anticipate. The holiday baking extravaganza may be over, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great items to bake for winter! Why not make winter an occasion by baking something special?

Gingerbread is usually a Christmas specialty, but I decided to hold off making any gingerbread treats until after Christmas. To avoid feeling too Christmas-y, changing the cookie cutters from gingerbread men to snowflakes was the solution. Perfect for a cold and windy winter night with a cup of coffee, this old family recipe will warm your soul and look appropriately festive for the wintery season!

Great Grandma Lydia’s Gingerbread Cookies

(click images below for instructions)

To make the shape of cookie, I used these incredible snowflake cookie cutters on Amazon. Available in different shapes and sizes, these cookie cutters make it possible to make a variety of treats. I absolutely love them!

The best part of cookie making is the embellishments you add. Just like my grandma in years past, I always use dragees. You can add anything you want to the top of the cookies: just be creative!

These cookies are the classic gingerbread you crave and will instantly become one of your post-Christmas favorites!

Enjoy the Snow!