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STUFF! We live in a country where we all seem to hoard “stuff”: extra décor items, papers we just can’t throw away, mail we can’t toss out. The list goes on and on. If you are a crafter and enjoy the creative side of life like us, there is an additional world of “stuff” to keep around. If you are someone who loves to change décor and always has projects in progress, there are certain items that always need to be kept on hand. The key is organization! With a well-organized home, you won’t have to look for hours to find that one sheet of paper or those extra bookends that would look perfect. There are so many great products to help you organize and de-clutter.

Begin Slow

To start, don’t let yourself become overwhelmed. Pick one area (such as a closet) to start with and slowly move on from there. Start by measuring your shelves or area. This way, when you look at your choices for tubs and containers, you will know right away the items that will fit. Nothing is more frustrating than buying organizational items only to find out they do not fit correctly. You also want to ensure that you purchase enough items to finish the project. If you live near a The Container Store, check out their huge selections of organizational options and ideas. Target also has great variety. Decide what you want to place in your containers: what shape is best? Tall, flat, long, or wide? Make sure you know what you need.

Perfect Organization

Mess of jewelryRecently, we assisted a client who enjoyed making jewelry out of a conglomeration of different vintage pieces. Prior to our assistance, their practice was to toss everything in one large container. This caused them to spend a large amount of time sifting through the mess to find pieces. Thankfully, we found a selection of amazing containers called Snapware. They snap together, allowing the pieces to be split up into different groups.

When you find the right container, you will be amazed at the ease it can bring to your hobbies. Before, the mess of finding pieces could have deterred this client from starting a project. With a few organizational tips and tricks, the ease of the project makes it all the more enjoyable.

Label-Maker Love Affair

As obsessed as we are with finding the right containers for an organization project, a new love affair has recently started with our new P-Touch label maker. In the past, labels seemed annoying and time-consuming to make. The price of great label makers has recently declined, making them wonderful additions to any household. Check out this Brother P-Touch Labeler on Amazon.com. These labels create easy readability and improved accessibility to find what is needed.

Not only does organization make your life simpler, but it may make you feel better as well! Go through your “stuff” and sift through years of junk to help get your life in order. You may be shocked at the sense of renewal organizing gives you.

This is just the start of organizing tips. Stay tuned for more organizational tips to help you clean out and start fresh!

Happy Organizing!