Who isn’t trying to start a blog these days? Most people have a whim of an idea and start a blog without too much thought. This blog has quite a different story. Behind these soon to be posts are two young people with dreams larger than themselves. After meeting at university, we became instant friends and dreamers, each building on the others thoughts and aspirations. Many of our dreams seemed too extreme to even begin to know how to reach them or where to begin. Fast forward a few years. We have each ended up exactly where we never wanted to be – working in corporate (that may be a bit of an exaggeration) America with jobs that only can be described as dream crushing, hope stifling, and oppressive!

So we once again have banded together to try and take our lives into our own hands and create something beautiful. This may all sound like a large feat. And quite honestly, it is! Conquering one (let alone two!) peoples’ dreams is a hard task. There are so many questions: where to start? when to begin? what does the future hold? will we succeed? what happens if we fail? So far, there have not been many answers. Around every corner there is someone telling you that your dreams could be impossible. Together, we have decided that this cannot be true! We need to find a way to have an outlet – a la the cliché blog.

The Curator is not just words spilled into a blog, it is an initiative – better yet, a movement – of creating beautiful lives. This blog is just the beginning of what we hope will be a culmination of our hopes and dreams.

How are The Gray Boxwood and The Curator connected?

The Curator is an outlet for creativity, a blog-based sounding board for all things design. We hope this blog is the beginning of a larger journey for us. The possibilities following this blog are endless, and could be directed with the help of your comments and input! We dream big for The Gray Boxwood, expanding into an in-store and online retail space catering to the design needs in the marketplace, which is at the forefront and just a part of many ideas we have.

We have thought exhaustively about a name that will encompass all the variety of things we want to embody through our business venture. The Gray Boxwood is this embodiment.

What is a Gray Boxwood?

Gray represents the epitome of classic color. Whether painting walls or picking furniture, gray can have so many possibilities. Much the same can be said about a boxwood. For centuries, boxwoods have lovingly been cultivated and trimmed, from the gardens of royals to sidewalks of the commoners. The Gray Boxwood is the perfect combination of the classic look we hope to bring you all in order to make your lives better.

This blog is the start of us bringing you all the classics of life so that we may all create our own classic lifestyles; lifestyles that promote comfort and make us proud of our homes. Think of this blog as “the little black dress” of life a.k.a. “the Curator”. Just as a curator brings a museum the best pieces for the people who visit, we will bring you all the best pieces to add to your lives. From decorating and gardening to cooking and building, you never know what we will discuss. From the perfect party music to put everyone at ease pared with the perfect menu to the best place to buy that perfect chair or pillow, we will update you on the items we find to be timeless and classic.


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  1. SO excited to watch this develop! So proud! xoxoxox

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